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South Shore Tree Removal Inc. | Marshfield / Plymouth, MA

South Shore Tree Removal Inc. is known in and around Marshfield and Plymouth for their affordable tree removal, stump grinding, firewood logs, lot clearing, log hauling, and crane rental services. We're a locally owned and operated company who would be pleased to be of service.

Tree Removal Done Right

When a tree needs to be removed, it is often a complex process for safety's sake. One has to consider not only the size of the tree, but also the stump's.

Whether a tree has fallen, is in danger of falling, or is in close proximity to buildings and power lines, you'll want to deal with an experienced company that has the right equipment, as well as insurance, should anything go amiss.

When you choose South Shore Tree Removal to handle your tree removal and stump grinding needs, you get expertise, equipment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Firewood, Wood Chips, Log Hauling, and Crane Rental Services

In addition to removing trees, we can also help with other services.

Do you need to order firewood, wood chips, or arrange for log hauling? We're here to help. We can deliver a truckload of wood chips for your landscaping decoration or provide you with log hauling services.

Crane rental services are also available. We would be happy to schedule our 30-ton hydro crane, as well as our crane operator, to handle your project for you.

South Shore Tree Removal Inc.: Serving Marshfield and Plymouth

We are a local company that has been serving Plymouth County and the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts area for 24+ years. We have an excellent track record and we are fully insured. Give us the opportunity to quote you on your tree removal project. Please call today.

You Can Always Count on South Shore Tree Removal Inc

Serving the South Shore and Surrounding Communities

Your Local, Experienced Tree Experts

Call South Shore Tree Removal Inc. for professional tree removal and stump grinding services. We have been serving the South Shore region of Massachusetts for over 24 years. Our company is based in Plymouth and we offer high-quality services at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today!
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We specialize in removing trees that are causing problems around your home. Our team uses cranes, large chippers, and log trucks to haul everything away after the process. Visit our Facebook page to be read customer testimonials and reviews. We are fully insured! Get FREE estimates!
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Stump Grinding

Towed Grinder Grind up to 10 stumps for $399
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